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Demand generation is not easy. While some may suggest otherwise, those who must concern themselves with it on a daily basis are only too aware of the increasing number of plates that must be spun to bring leads into the top of the funnel in today’s rapidly moving digital world.

These days, it’s not enough to know about the changes in your own industry. You must keep up to date with changes in digital channels; you must familiarise yourself with Google algorithm updates; and you must recognise the ways in which your buyers research, evaluate and decide. And that’s just the beginning.

Marketing automation is now well established as the best technology to manage the nurturing of leads through the middle of the funnel, and CRM as the platform for sales teams to keep track of MQLs and existing customers. However, a new breed of technology is emerging to aid with top-of-the-funnel lead acquisition and help demand generation marketers to make processes quicker and more data-driven than ever before.

Marketers must work harder to produce concurrent and consistent messages

Winning businesses are no longer run on spreadsheets. The days of marketing efforts being coordinated on Excel for the forthcoming year are over because buying journeys are not linear. Buyers now research in their own time; buying space in trade magazines or distributing batch-and-blast emails will simply not cut it as a successful marketing strategy.

If you haven’t already started ramping up your content marketing efforts in order to reach the people you need to engage with, then I’m afraid you have a lot of catching up to do. Where programs like Captora can help is by allowing those who are creating plenty of great content to prioritise future efforts and respond to customer’s demands quicker than ever before, in a highly scalable way.

By providing automated buyer and competitor intelligence, marketers are empowered to accurately identify the keys terms they should be targeting with campaigns. Meanwhile, by automating the scanning of existing website content for relevant material, these campaigns can be launched quickly and easily. The crucial aspect is that there is no more guesswork – marketers can see what their buyers and competitors are doing and therefore prioritise effectively and match the right content to the right programs.

Accurate reporting = more accountable marketing

In days gone by, the lack of accountability faced by marketing campaigns when it came to top of the funnel lead acquisition meant that quality reporting was impossible. Programs like Captora are changing this by providing deep content analytics, allowing organisations to understand precisely what content is driving interest, engagement, and leads. Furthermore, by driving consistent reporting across campaigns and channels, marketing at this stage becomes more measurable than ever before providing you have an appropriate demand generation technology stack.




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