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Lead scoring is the most important area to get right with marketing automation, so we have prepared some useful tips for anyone new to the field.

Regardless of how customer-centric your content is or how well you know your buyers, without a laser-focused scoring methodology in place the process of automating journeys through the sales funnel will be flawed.

We are consistently staggered by how many marketing automation users are willing to start  their marketing automation journey with a platform’s default scoring rules. This is based on an erroneous assumption that there is a “one size fits all” solution.

Every business we’ve encountered that’s started with default scoring rules has gone back to the drawing board somewhere down the line, as they are hit with the realisation that their buyers are not moving at a pace relative to their level of knowledge. Lead scoring must be established at the start, and it must be handled as precisely as any other part of your strategy.

Here are our four top tips for effective lead scoring: Continue reading …

While on holiday recently, a particularly violent thunderstorm led to the death of my trusty digital camera. It had a good life – operating flawlessly for close to five years and snapping most of the pictures that now adorn the walls in both my office and house. But it was time to move on. I chose not to replace it like-for-like, as I now knew the basics of photography and was hungry for more. I wanted a higher end camera, and I wanted to make sure I was buying the best for my ambitions, whatever the cost.

So I looked online. I used social media. I sought impartial reviews. Read technical articles. Compared image quality. I spoke to a photographer friend. I searched for the kind of photography I was most interested in and the features I should look for to achieve the best results.

Armed with this knowledge, I visited a well-known high street store only to discover I was the saleperson’s worst enemy; the educated consumer. Sure, he could point me to the best discounts and tell me what this season’s bestseller was. However, when I enquired about performance, sensor sizes or anything else remotely technical, his face instantly slipped into screensaver mode. Continue reading …

In a recent piece in CMO Magazine, Corporate Visions’ Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer, Tim Riesterer, advised companies on the best way to go beyond lead generation and drive sales enablement in the new era of marketing. Here’s our take on some of his advice.

Continue reading …

Join us on the 11th of June for our latest webinar: Building Sales and Marketing Capabilities is Essential to Beat the Market.

Today’s best marketers are pivotal to the success of their business, and make up a critical lever for top-line growth. The right technology in the right place is all they need to become real sales enablers and fully commit to driving engagement among customers and buyers. The world of B2B sales and marketing has changed on a fundamental level, and the smart companies are aware of this. It’s time for new strategies, new approaches, and open-mindedness if you want to stay ahead.

The Webinar

McRae&Co is hosting this webinar to discuss all of these issues and more. On the 11th of June, from 12.30pm to 1.30pm (GMT), our presenters will be outlining the changes in the B2B marketing world, the latest advancements in technology, and the importance of engaging customers among many other things.

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McRaeandCo_eventWe would like to thank all those who attended our event, Transforming B2B Sales and Marketing, in both Glasgow and Edinburgh this week.

Judging by the reaction we have received on social media, via email, and in person, both sessions proved to be very helpful. We were delighted not only by the attendance figures but also the level of interaction between attendees and presenters.

Hosted by McRae&Co Managing Director Scot McRae, each event saw presentations on the latest marketing technologies that B2B companies should consider if they are to create a technology stack capable of manufacturing demand in today’s digital world. This included insights from thought leaders in the US, Dave Lehman of Captora and Cari Baldwin of Bluebird Strategies, as well as UK-based Mark Woodbridge (Salesfusion) and Neil Armstrong (Space Solutions). Presentations included: Continue reading …

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