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The middle of the funnel has never been more important for B2B marketers. In an era in which nine out of ten business buyers say they don’t want to talk until they are ready to come to you, marketing must now go beyond simply gathering responses to actually managing prospect relationships over time.

The trouble, however, is that prospects at this stage of funnel are invariably the hardest to reach. In order to nurture effectively, businesses must distribute content that is of genuine interest to the recipient and presented in a way that makes this immediately obvious.

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Is using B2B video marketing in your business worthwhile? According to this piece in B2B Marketing by Victoria Clarke, it definitely is. Here’s our take on the subject.

In March, software producer HighQ published statistics showing that 80% of senior executives watch more online video now than they did last year. What’s more, 75% of business executives dedicate weekly time to watching videos about work-related topics.

One of the main reasons B2B video marketing is taking off is the availability of better equipment and distribution methods on a smaller budget. It’s now fairly straightforward and inexpensive to produce high-quality videos and animation, and there are dozens of options for distribution. This newfound flexibility has allowed companies to compile libraries of webinars, informational videos, and even animated infographics with very little outlay.

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Marketing automation is all about sales enablement, but in the marketing world in general a considerable gap still exists between Marketing and Sales. This is particularly true when it comes to content. A recent article by Adweek with an infographic by Highspot highlights some of the main issues, and gives marketers some areas to focus on when it comes to making the most of what they have, and using it to enable sales.

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Lead generation makes up a vital component in any demand generation strategy. But how can small businesses compete with their larger rivals when they have fewer resources and opportunities to generate leads? The answer is that there are several ways to compete in a larger market while using B2B lead generation techniques that work for small businesses. Here’s a list of three of the best.

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In a recent piece in CMO Magazine, Corporate Visions’ Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer, Tim Riesterer, advised companies on the best way to go beyond lead generation and drive sales enablement in the new era of marketing. Here’s our take on some of his advice.

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