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marketing dataClean data is the cornerstone of a successful automation strategy, but that isn’t the only area in which accurate and useable information on users, customers, and buyers is essential. Are you making the most of your marketing data in terms of organisation, accessibility, and governance?

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wake the dead

In B2B marketing, “wake the dead” campaigns are a necessary part of lead nurturing. According to SiriusDecisions, 80% of “bad leads” go on to buy from you – or someone else – within 24 months. That’s a lot of business to throw away based on a few months of inactivity. However, it’s important to bring your leads back into the funnel the right way; do it the wrong way, and those dead leads will stay that way for good.

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red-white-cogsDespite the growing sophistication of marketing automation, a report released this week has shown the top five most sought after features to be five of the most traditional.

Research firm, Software Advice (a Gartner division and advisor of marketing systems like these), announced the findings after analysing 365 phone calls between software buyers from small businesses and consultants.

The most requested feature by some distance was contact management, with 74% of buyers enquiring about this functionality. This is unsurprising, given 47% of businesses in the same report admitted to a reliance on manual processes, such as pen and paper, one-off emails, and spreadsheets, for marketing management.

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At_Computer_silhouette_LCDIn a recent blog post on data completeness, we provided some best practice tips on how companies can optimise database performance to make the most of marketing automation’s potential.

Therefore, we were greatly interested in the findings of The State of Marketing Data, Netprospex’s annual benchmark report, which was released last week.

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Importance of data cleansing

Good data is crucial to ensuring the success of every other area of your marketing automation strategy. Let’s say you invest heavily in the production of marketing materials that are mapped according to the buyer’s journey. These look fantastic, but engagement rates are staggeringly low – why?

Perhaps the content is only pertinent for Operations Managers yet is being distributed to prospects at all levels of a company. Perhaps data is incomplete, misspelt and messy, resulting in unprofessional and clearly-automated emails. Or perhaps it’s because a large chunk of the emails in your database are incorrect or no longer valid. Maybe it’s all three. Welcome to the world of marketing automation with poor quality data.

These days, data drives revenue for a company. Businesses that regularly maintain their database achieve 66% higher conversions to revenue than those who don’t (Sirius Decisions), as well as seven times the number of enquiries and four times the number of leads (Eloqua).

The growth of marketing automation adoption means regular database cleansing is now a necessity for maintaining competitive parity. With this in mind, we’d like to offer some of our best practice tips for data optimisation.

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