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16469-NQRBMZTake it from us, juggling different marketing automation platforms can be a tricky task.

Used to Act-On? You’ll not find a “content folder” on Salesfusion or Pardot. Salesfusion? Good luck finding the “web forensics tracker” on other platforms. And Pardot? Expect faces in screensaver mode when talking about “custom redirects” to non-users.

The truth is while marketers’ sophistication with MA is advancing at a dizzying rate, subtle terminology changes can make learning a new platform feel a bit like juggling on a moving pavement.

With this in mind, we’ve pulled together terms from three of the strongest platforms for SMEs – Pardot, Act-On and Salesfusion – and highlighted twelve differences you will need to know to unveil the MA juggler in you.

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Presenting a customer with a dessert before they’ve had a chance to look at the starters is not an approach likely to be adopted by any successful restaurants. Similarly, a B2B business dishing up a pricing guide to an early stage lead will only succeed in putting the buyer off and denting the business’s own reputation.

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Investment in marketing automation is not only about generating and nurturing new leads towards a sale. The most innovative B2B companies have recognised the technology’s potential to transform others areas of their business and use MA to build communication programs that are not necessarily geared towards selling more.

With this in mind, here are four of the most innovative uses we’ve seen of marketing automation in the past year.

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quality-leads-over-quantity-300x300A recent report from Business.com on Demand Generation has revealed that the majority of marketers are concerned about lead quality and lack of brand awareness. The survey of 150 B2B marketers also revealed that content marketing is now the main focus of their business, which comes as no surprise; 94% of B2B companies now use content marketing to connect with potential clients.

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YouTube or Vimeo?Video has emerged as second only to the infographic in the list of fastest growing B2B marketing tactics. Despite being a relatively traditional approach, use in B2B alone soared from just 8% to 58% (DemandGen) last year, while the demands of our own clients in the opening half of 2015 would suggest this figure is set to rise even more.

While most businesses are happy to employ a creative agency to craft the production, knowing where to host can be a dilemma, and one that more-often-than-not comes down to a stand-off between Vimeo and YouTube.

With this in mind, we assess the pros and cons of both distinctive platforms to help you prioritise and make the decision that best aligns with your business objectives.

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