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Lead generation makes up a vital component in any demand generation strategy. But how can small businesses compete with their larger rivals when they have fewer resources and opportunities to generate leads? The answer is that there are several ways to compete in a larger market while using B2B lead generation techniques that work for small businesses. Here’s a list of three of the best.

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Ignore the naysayers; email marketing is here to stay.

73% of marketers agree that email marketing remains core to their business (Marketing Cloud) while 69.7% of internet users in the US say email is their preferred method of communicating with businesses (eMarketer).

What has changed, however, is how winning businesses market via email. While the core aim is the same, to reach the right people at the right time, the old approach of throwing mud at a wall and seeing what sticks is completely ineffective at a time when tools exist to make correspondence highly contextual.

With this in mind, we’re offering our five top tips for businesses seeking to improve email performance. If this is something you’d like to hear about in more depth, then check out our guide, Generating More Lead at Lower Cost Continue reading …

B2B marketing is plagued by two types of email disengagement: the “blanket unsubscribe” and the “emotional unsubscribe”. Every email unsubscribe is difficult for marketers to recover from, and when they happen it may seem like all is lost (at least with that prospect). However, there are ways around the issue, especially if you are willing to invest time and energy in strategy and content.

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Email marketing may be as old as the internet itself but it remains one of the toughest nuts to crack for B2B businesses. That’s because while the drip campaign delivery method has remained unchanged, the kind of content that B2B buyers expect has been transformed in recent years.

In today’s era of information abundance and self-education, the only way to be heard through the noise is to provide messages of genuine value that address the precise pain points of the recipient. Data-driven marketing has facilitated a change by enabling the most forward-thinking B2B businesses to use the changes in buyer behaviour to their advantage. While success stories are interesting for those businesses aspiring to do the same, they have also set the bar high.

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ContentContent is a valuable asset; every piece represents an investment by your business, and that investment shouldn’t go to waste. Unfortunately, as Kapost pointed out in a recent ebook, content keeps landing in silos, being squirrelled away on hard drives, and disappearing into the cloud. How can you protect your investment when 60-70% of B2B content is never used? The answer, they say, lies in ART.

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