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Lead scoring is the most important area to get right with marketing automation, so we have prepared some useful tips for anyone new to the field.

Regardless of how customer-centric your content is or how well you know your buyers, without a laser-focused scoring methodology in place the process of automating journeys through the sales funnel will be flawed.

We are consistently staggered by how many marketing automation users are willing to start  their marketing automation journey with a platform’s default scoring rules. This is based on an erroneous assumption that there is a “one size fits all” solution.

Every business we’ve encountered that’s started with default scoring rules has gone back to the drawing board somewhere down the line, as they are hit with the realisation that their buyers are not moving at a pace relative to their level of knowledge. Lead scoring must be established at the start, and it must be handled as precisely as any other part of your strategy.

Here are our four top tips for effective lead scoring: Continue reading …

red-white-cogsDespite the growing sophistication of marketing automation, a report released this week has shown the top five most sought after features to be five of the most traditional.

Research firm, Software Advice (a Gartner division and advisor of marketing systems like these), announced the findings after analysing 365 phone calls between software buyers from small businesses and consultants.

The most requested feature by some distance was contact management, with 74% of buyers enquiring about this functionality. This is unsurprising, given 47% of businesses in the same report admitted to a reliance on manual processes, such as pen and paper, one-off emails, and spreadsheets, for marketing management.

The rest of the top five was fairly predictable, with businesses requesting: Continue reading …

lead scoring guide

The ability to score leads on implicit and explicit factors has been a game-changer for B2B businesses. As opposed to the ineffective “spray and pray” tactics of old, the automation of a prospect’s movement through the sales funnel has enabled  businesses to create scalable context marketing programmes.

However, the key words in this opening paragraph are has been. Lead scoring is no longer a new concept and those businesses who took their first tentative steps with the tool two or three years ago are now beginning to run. Not only are they developing more expansive scoring models but they are all well versed at blending scoring and grading approaches to help Sales prioritise leads accordingly.

If this is an area you are still struggling with then now is the time to address any issues. We have created a short crib sheet that breaks down the main reasons lead scoring has failed to work for many businesses and that, based on our experience, identifies the key ways to rectify disconnects. The guide can be downloaded here, or if you would like McRae&Co to give your demand generation programme a free audit, simply fill in your details here.

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