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Demand generation is not easy. While some may suggest otherwise, those who must concern themselves with it on a daily basis are only too aware of the increasing number of plates that must be spun to bring leads into the top of the funnel in today’s rapidly moving digital world.

These days, it’s not enough to know about the changes in your own industry. You must keep up to date with changes in digital channels; you must familiarise yourself with Google algorithm updates; and you must recognise the ways in which your buyers research, evaluate and decide. And that’s just the beginning.

Marketing automation is now well established as the best technology to manage the nurturing of leads through the middle of the funnel, and CRM as the platform for sales teams to keep track of MQLs and existing customers. However, a new breed of technology is emerging to aid with top-of-the-funnel lead acquisition and help demand generation marketers to make processes quicker and more data-driven than ever before. Continue reading …

Progressive Profiling

Progressive Profiling is going to be used increasingly in the coming year as more B2B marketers are tailoring personalised content. Progressive profiling is used to gather information from someone who has visited a website and engaged with online marketing material such as a whitepaper or by submitting a form. These visitors will be asked to submit contact details in addition to other pertinent questions; this information is then retained and used to send targeted email campaigns.

By requesting specific, valuable information, these forms highlight the customer’s wants and needs; enabling you to add supplementary qualified information to your marketing automation platform. Using progressing profiling technology facilitates intelligent data gathering for leads, resulting in the improved quality of qualified leads.

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marketing predictions

What does the future hold (source)

This year B2B Marketing trends have focused mainly on content, marketing automation and mobile marketing. These trends look set to continue into 2016 but are we going to be seeing more and less of in the B2B marketing world next year? We take a look at some marketing predictions for 2016.

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mobile search

80% of us own a smartphone (source)

In May this year Google announced that mobile search had now taken over desktop, and this looks set to increase even more next year. Since Apple introduced smartphones in 2007, the way people do their online research has changed. Today people can search for products or services at any time of the day or night through the use of their smartphones or tablets. A staggering eighty per cent of adults now own smartphones, with ninety-five per cent using them to access content and information. Continue reading …

quality-leads-over-quantity-300x300A recent report from Business.com on Demand Generation has revealed that the majority of marketers are concerned about lead quality and lack of brand awareness. The survey of 150 B2B marketers also revealed that content marketing is now the main focus of their business, which comes as no surprise; 94% of B2B companies now use content marketing to connect with potential clients.

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