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Is using B2B video marketing in your business worthwhile? According to this piece in B2B Marketing by Victoria Clarke, it definitely is. Here’s our take on the subject.

In March, software producer HighQ published statistics showing that 80% of senior executives watch more online video now than they did last year. What’s more, 75% of business executives dedicate weekly time to watching videos about work-related topics.

One of the main reasons B2B video marketing is taking off is the availability of better equipment and distribution methods on a smaller budget. It’s now fairly straightforward and inexpensive to produce high-quality videos and animation, and there are dozens of options for distribution. This newfound flexibility has allowed companies to compile libraries of webinars, informational videos, and even animated infographics with very little outlay.

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Marketing automation is all about sales enablement, but in the marketing world in general a considerable gap still exists between Marketing and Sales. This is particularly true when it comes to content. A recent article by Adweek with an infographic by Highspot highlights some of the main issues, and gives marketers some areas to focus on when it comes to making the most of what they have, and using it to enable sales.

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While on holiday recently, a particularly violent thunderstorm led to the death of my trusty digital camera. It had a good life – operating flawlessly for close to five years and snapping most of the pictures that now adorn the walls in both my office and house. But it was time to move on. I chose not to replace it like-for-like, as I now knew the basics of photography and was hungry for more. I wanted a higher end camera, and I wanted to make sure I was buying the best for my ambitions, whatever the cost.

So I looked online. I used social media. I sought impartial reviews. Read technical articles. Compared image quality. I spoke to a photographer friend. I searched for the kind of photography I was most interested in and the features I should look for to achieve the best results.

Armed with this knowledge, I visited a well-known high street store only to discover I was the saleperson’s worst enemy; the educated consumer. Sure, he could point me to the best discounts and tell me what this season’s bestseller was. However, when I enquired about performance, sensor sizes or anything else remotely technical, his face instantly slipped into screensaver mode. Continue reading …

Making a business case for marketing automation can be tricky when your company already has a CRM system in place.

But let’s get one thing clear: that’s not because the two are so similar. In reality, reluctance to unite indicates a failure to understand the buying journey of the modern day customer.

Now more than ever, the onus is on marketers to manage prospect relationships over time and educate them with relevant, customer-centric content until they are sales ready. Continue reading …

inbound marketingFor the seventh year in a row, Hubspot has released its annual State of Inbound Report. The results will be surprising to some, but most inbound marketers for both large and small companies will recognise the trends. Hubspot identified some key takeaways from the report; here’s our perspective on a few of them.

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