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Bad business habits stifle growth.

It may seem like an obvious point, but your bad business habits may be so ingrained in day-to-day operations that you no longer see them as anything other than typical business practice.

Forget keeping calm and carrying on in the hope that your business will emerge from today’s tough economic times unscathed. The harsh truth is, if you don’t respond and develop your processes to the changing buyer arena, it won’t.

Modern business is about streamlining operations and developing strategic plans within which each department works together and has clearly defined roles. It’s also about pragmatism and appreciation of the new technologies and channels that must be considered if you’re to successfully provide your prospects with relevant and timely content that convinces them of your company’s worth.

So what are the good habits that are allowing winning business to do just this? We look at five examples identified by the 56% of respondents recognised as “Top Performers” by a recent Forrester survey of SMEs in the USA. Continue reading …

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