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In a recent piece in CMO Magazine, Corporate Visions’ Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer, Tim Riesterer, advised companies on the best way to go beyond lead generation and drive sales enablement in the new era of marketing. Here’s our take on some of his advice.

A recent Corporate Visions survey demonstrated that 35% of companies have an established message development process but it is not consistently applied. Failing to consistently promote your company’s message means that your prospects are encountering a diluted version of the information they need. Your sales team then has to work twice as hard to strengthen that diluted message.

That being said, even a diluted message is better than no message. Tim Riesterer goes on to point out that 36% of companies surveyed either don’t have a formal process for messaging development, don’t follow the one they have, or don’t know what to do with content in terms of messaging. These companies are missing out on a huge amount of sales opportunities at all stages of the funnel.

This focus on message delivery didn’t used to be the responsibility of marketing and, as Tim points out, this shift can only be a good thing. The availability of concrete metrics that comes with marketing automation means that now, more than ever, marketing teams can justify expenditure and prove the success of their strategies. However, this also ramps up the importance of staying on-message and educating the buyer.

So what can companies do to enable sales with their content? According to the CMO piece, and our own research, quite a lot.

Become a problem finder

Position yourself as a “problem finder” with capabilities specifically tailored to buyers’ pain points. This will establish your company as the solution to issues your prospects don’t even know they have yet.

Context is everything

Producing on-message content is crucial, but positioning that content inside an infrastructure that guarantees the right people will see it is even more so. It can’t just be sent out at random to everyone on your mailing list.

Take advantage of science

According to psychologists, humans prefer avoiding loss to taking risks to achieve gains. We are also prone to decision paralysis when offered too many choices. Consider what your content is telling buyers from a psychological viewpoint. If you aren’t sure, read one of our two blog posts on the topic.

Become a visionary thought leader

Visionary insights – according to Tim, these are the ones that define the future of your industry – are powerful, and establish your business as far ahead of its competition. Create content based on those and grow confidence in your business.

For more information on content marketing and conveying a clear message, read our blog post, Do You Produce Too Much Content? If you’d like to read the CMO Magazine piece, click here. For help streamlining your content output as part of an improved marketing strategy, contact us now.





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