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There are numerous challenges involved in building a business case for marketing automation, and one of them is showing evidence of success. The recent blog post from CMS Critic provides ten great statistics on using MA; read on our take on five of those stats and information about how to make the most of them.

1. Most of the CMOs at top companies rely on a marketing automation system for a revenue boost – 79% of them, to be exact

When asked by Wishpond’s State of Marketing Automation Survey 2015, the responding CMOs were clear: marketing automation was there to increase revenue. Considering that MA can boost sales revenues by, on average, just over a third, this is a can’t-fail strategy.

2. Marketing automation leads to positive ROI within the first year for 75% of businesses that use it

Not only does MA make it easy for you acquire greater ROI due to reliable strategies like lead scoring and personalisation, it also enables you to determine ROI almost immediately. The use of metrics in systems like Pardot and Salesfusion makes it easy for marketers to prove that what they are doing really is bringing in revenue and driving growth.

3. 63% of the companies that outgrow their competition are using marketing automation software

Most of the companies earning $500 million per year or more use MA. The ones with an annual revenue of below $5 million, by contrast, lag behind with only 3% of them using MA. The companies that grow and advance are the ones that invest in successful contemporary tools and technology like marketing automation.

4. Using a marketing automation system to nurture leads makes them more profitable – nurtured leads bring in 47% more than non-nurtured leads

Leads that have been carefully nurtured through the sales funnel are more likely to be ready for a sales conversation when you get in touch. They are also far more likely to be the kind of leads you are looking for to begin with, thanks to the profiling and personalisation made possible by MA software. Of course they bring in more – they are set up to succeed.

5. Blast email software is only half as effective as marketing automation software; companies that use the latter generate twice as many leads as companies that solely use the former

Just as leads nurtured with MA software are more likely to bring in revenue, leads that have received tailored content are more likely to pan out than those that have received random email blasts. MA software gives potential leads a reason to get in touch or offer details, whereas blast email software just has them reaching for the “unsubscribe” button.

The bottom line is that marketing automation is the best choice for most B2B companies. To read the CMS Critic post, click here. To learn more about our approach to marketing automation, get in touch today.


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