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Marketing automation is all about sales enablement, but in the marketing world in general a considerable gap still exists between Marketing and Sales. This is particularly true when it comes to content. A recent article by Adweek with an infographic by Highspot highlights some of the main issues, and gives marketers some areas to focus on when it comes to making the most of what they have, and using it to enable sales.

Turning Content into Revenue

According to Highspot, the notion that “content is king” falls down when it comes to bringing in revenue. In addition to the fact that the content king is on his way out, it seems that material created by Marketing just isn’t translating into sales. Highspot found that less than 10% of the average marketing budget produces content that benefits sales enablement. That’s a big shortfall, and a blow to the idea that every content asset is a “silver bullet” for the sales team.

In order to work around this, marketers need an approach that is central to marketing automation. Content needs to be relevant, personalised, delivered in the right context and – most importantly – it needs to be created with sales. Your sales team is key to building personas that translate to informed content. You may produce less, but your silver bullets will hit their target much more often.

Ensuring Content is Used for Sales Enablement

No one is suggesting that marketers are precious about our content, but we do like it to actually be used. Sadly, it seems that the majority of the time this isn’t happening: 65% of the content produced by Marketing is never used by the sales team. That’s a huge waste of resources that could have been better expended producing material that directly facilitates sales enablement.

Again, the solution comes down to working with Sales in the development stage instead of just passing material and leads along later. The people who talk to your clients most are also the ones most likely to hear what they want, so marketers should be taking full advantage of that resource.

Overall, these issues and the others highlighted in the Highspot infographic come down to communication, relationship building, and alignment with Sales. If the sales teams are happy with the content coming from Marketing, it looks better for everyone when it comes to assessing ROI and bottom-line contribution.

Click here to view the full-size infographic from Highspot, courtesy of AdWeek. If you’d like to know more about how marketing automation facilitates sales enablement, explore our resources library or contact us today.


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