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Is using B2B video marketing in your business worthwhile? According to this piece in B2B Marketing by Victoria Clarke, it definitely is. Here’s our take on the subject.

In March, software producer HighQ published statistics showing that 80% of senior executives watch more online video now than they did last year. What’s more, 75% of business executives dedicate weekly time to watching videos about work-related topics.

One of the main reasons B2B video marketing is taking off is the availability of better equipment and distribution methods on a smaller budget. It’s now fairly straightforward and inexpensive to produce high-quality videos and animation, and there are dozens of options for distribution. This newfound flexibility has allowed companies to compile libraries of webinars, informational videos, and even animated infographics with very little outlay.

In terms of platforms, the varied nature of the online media distribution environment has allowed marketers to flex their creative muscles more than ever before. Live streaming options like Periscope, short-form platforms like Vine, and discussion-oriented online environments like Facebook and Twitter all facilitate different production styles. Engagement with other viewers and the producers is, in many cases, key to the appeal of these videos. With good B2B video marketing, companies can create what Clarke refers to as “appointment to view” content, where viewers set aside time to watch and have a conversation afterwards.

One of the advantages of today’s different production styles, and the availability of good editing software, is that marketers can for the first time create truly adaptable and personalised video content. In the B2B Marketing article, Simon Baker of ITN Productions discussed making one film where scenes were “[swapped out] to make it more specific to target industries”. This kind of personalisation and targeting fits in extremely well with the principles of marketing automation.

Another benefit of creating video content ties in with the provable ROI you get with marketing automation. Not only can you track when prospects have viewed videos, you also have comments and discussion as new touchpoints in their buyer journey. It is easy to track when videos are popular and successful from a marketing viewpoint, and also to know when changes are necessary.

Overall, it’s clear that now is the time to invest in video marketing and take advantage of the opportunities it offers. If you aren’t exploring the possibilities of video platforms and online streaming, there’s a good chance you’re missing out on leads, prospects, and revenue.

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