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Eight Demand Generation Promises To Make for 2015

Download our free e-book to discover the key areas to look at for 2015 B2B success.

2015 is set to be an even more interesting year in the world of B2B business. After a decade of the buying environment shifting irreversibly year-on-year, the best businesses are growing in confidence with new approaches to drive business in the era of the empowered buyer. 

That's why you will want to read our e-book looking at the eight demand generation areas critical to business success in 2015. Topics covered include:

  • Re-engaging stale leads;
  • Optimising website performance;
  • Adopting the right technology;
  • Investing in the right content;
  • Changing data management mindset;
  • Taking mobile seriously;
  • Improving lead qualification;
  • Getting serious with marketing automation.

As opposed to seeing these as resolutions, these are promises businesses must make to bridge the gap between Sales and Marketing, improve pipeline performance and, of course, sell more. 

The book also includes plenty of useful recent statistics from industry leaders as well as insights we have gained from helping high-growth businesses of all sizes adapt and flourish in today's B2B climate. 


McRae&Co's approach to educating our team on the objectives of MA, implementing campaigns to demonstrate these objectives and providing continuing support is remarkable. Great knowledge of MA systems and a wonderful attitude to helping clients build and deploy profitable MA strategies of their own.

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