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Regular education is essential in the world of B2B marketing. Staying on top of the latest strategies in demand generation, current best practices in marketing automation, and trends in lead generation requires more than just a couple of ebook downloads per year. Generally speaking, any strategy or practice that depends on technology (email marketing, marketing automation, and lead scoring are just three) is likely to evolve as fast as the software does, if not more so. Add to this the reality that the B2B marketing world, as much as any other marketplace, is swayed by ongoing trends and you have a recipe for ending up behind.

That’s why McRae&Co has developed these courses for our Demand Generation Academy. Over a number of weeks, marketers can view and download information on every topic in B2B marketing, from reporting to technology processes. Courses like ours will not only keep you on the cutting edge, they will also teach you how to identify new trends and the approach of marketplace changes. 

Our courses will be partially available live, but they will also be accessible on demand. Click one of the options below to get started.

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