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We work with companies that consistently remain at the cutting edge of their fields. Every one of these organisations has benefited from our on-boarding packages, lead generation programmes, or both. Read on to learn more, or check out our case studies and testimonials for more details.

Spartan Solutions

Spartan Solutions specialises in mobile applications for industrial companies. They have developed the PHALANX App Store for Operations with the aim of helping Oil and Gas, Equipment Rental and Utility Contractor Service (UCS) companies run more effectively. 


Spoonfed's B2B software helps corporate customers order bespoke and personalised food to be ‘dropped off’ at meetings. But where it really comes alive is in giving the drop off caterer all the automation they will ever need. It cuts out mistakes, which can be costly, and ensures they get it right and on time ... every time.

Altia Solutions

Altia Solutions develop specialist software to manage and support all types of investigation, including financial, fraud, serious and organise crime, major crime and trading standards.

As pioneers in this area, they work closely with police, local government, central government, and the private sector, to create tools that meet real needs.


Iceotope provides reliable and energy efficient cooling solutions into an international sector to deliver power savings and a sustainable environment. To showcase their patented technology, they have designed and manufactured a computer system which needs less space, uses less energy and even makes less noise. 

It even offers the opportunity to recover and reuse waste heat – providing a sustainable source for heating the office or generating electricity.


KAL is an independent company and the world leader in ATM software. Numerous premier banks around the world use KAL products, including Citibank, Banque Populaire, and UniCredit.

McRae&Co has spent two years driving bank adoption of the software-led approach to ATM procurement and developing KAL's marketing engine to boost lead generation. The company has since secured a number of major new global bank customers, and continues to thrive in the banking software industry.


Jumpstart assists UK businesses in applying for Research and Development tax credit assistance.

Jumpstart employees are highly qualified in science and technology fields, so they are ideally placed to answer questions and handle applications when it comes to complex projects. Since the R&D tax credit assistance programme began, around £10 billion in relief has gone unclaimed. Jumpstart assists clients across a variety of sectors, and has fostered strong relationships with HMRC's R&D Units all over the UK.

IRT Surveys

Europe's infrared specialist, IRT Surveys has been providing professional, impartial advice to building professionals, energy consultants and engineers since 2002. As well as using groundbreaking infrared technology to reveal building defects, the company's patented Envision software can quantify thermal images in monetary terms. This allows clients to see precisely where and how much heat is being lost from a building, and how much it costs.


McRae&Co provided Gael Ltd with our customised Marketing Automation Platform package in 2014. Gael has been assisting organisations with compliance, risk management, and governance since 1992. They have developed software tools to assist with the running of Quality Management Systems, allowing businesses to streamline their operations across the board.

Actual Analytics

Headquartered in Edinburgh, Actual Analytics is a leading provider of behavior analysis solutions for scientific studies. They are committed to creating high quality, accurate and easy to use solutions that their customers can depend upon. 


Commissum specialises in the provision of world-class information security services to a broad cross-section of businesses and government bodies. Its team has established a reputation for being leaders in the field of information assurance and security, from its early beginnings in 1985 to the present day.


Webhelp is the UK's premier source of customer experience outsourcing. Among other services, it encourages customers to invest in data collection and ensure efficient multichannel communication with customers. Webhelp allows businesses to strategise for long-term success in customer relations, and optimise their current communication methods with the latest technology. The organisation has been using McRae&Co's Marketing Automation Platform Onboarding package since the beginning of 2014, with great results.

Forth Communications

Forth Communications offers data and communication solutions to a wide range of clients in the hospitality, retail, and financial sectors. In particular, Forth offers customer communications that are effectively targeted. These come in the form of email marketing campaigns, e-surveys, direct mailings, and more. The company also offers CRM software designed to foster lasting, beneficial relationships with customers. Having been in the industry for over 20 years, Forth Communications remains at the cutting edge of marketing technology as a client of McRae&Co.


Administrate is a comprehensive business management software platform designed for training providers. The product was developed over seven years within a range of sector-leading international training businesses.

McRae&Co has coordinated with Administrate since 2010. Not only are we establishing the brand as a leader in its category, we are also working to drive sales through marketing automation. This has all formed part of a wider business plan which has greatly benefited, and secured further investment for, Administrate.

Deep Casing Tools

Deep Casing Tools is at the forefront of the oil and gas industry, developing innovative new technology for casing and completion. It has made for a safer, more efficient drilling process and revolutionised its segment of the well construction field.

McRae&Co has been working with the organisation since 2009, focusing on developing the brand and helping Deep Casing Tools to attain category leadership. This strategy, alongside the company's adoption of a revamped marketing engine, has been driving sales for them ever since.


PurchaseSeal is a new trustmark technology aimed at online merchants. It allows e-commerce sites to display a trustmark indicating their compliance with the five ISO 10008 standards for online trust. In partnership with Experian, PurchaseSeal demonstrates that qualifying businesses are creditworthy and responsible.

McRae&Co is working with PurchaseSeal to develop the brand name and drive sales through a personalised B2B sales and marketing strategy.

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