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Marketing Automation and Demand Generation Packages 

We have a range of tools to help businesses realise their full potential in the field of B2B marketing. Our demand generation services – encompassing lead generation and email marketing among others – and marketing automation services are carefully tailored to ensure they fit your business.

Of course, part of our work in the demand generation field involves assessing your existing strategies, software, and tools. We offer a full consultancy service where our experienced team can let you know what changes will benefit your business. Once the planning stage is over, we can get to work.

Marketing automation software provides consistent monitoring of the progress of your campaigns, allowing you to see where and how changes are happening in your business. In time, you will develop a consistent sales pipeline, establish firmer relationships between your sales and marketing departments, and develop a better understanding of your customers.

Our packages include a one-off marketing automation onboarding service and an ongoing monthly demand generation programme. Both packages have their merits, but whatever you choose, we will ensure it is tailored to fit your business.

It’s possible that you don’t know what kind of service your business needs; that’s not a problem. Why not get in touch for a free demand generation audit?

If you have any questions, get in touch today and we will discuss which package is best for you. For a full outline of what each package entails, choose one of the options below.

Marketing Automation Platform Onboarding image

Marketing Automation Platform Onboarding

Marketing Automation Platform Onboarding

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Monthly Demand Generation Packages image

Monthly Demand Generation Packages

Monthly Demand Generation Packages

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"With McRae&Co's extensive marketing automation experience, particularly in how best to align our people and processes around the technology to take advantage of the significant opportunities the approach offers, we now see marketing automation and bespoke content as integral to Gael's future."

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