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Demand Generation

What is Demand Generation?

Demand generation is both a goal and a strategy. The goal is to create and encourage interest in products, services, and companies. The strategy is a combination of different marketing and measuring techniques, covering everything from lead scoring to metrics assessing the effectiveness of different campaigns.

There are numerous components to demand generation that set it apart from lead generation (which is technically a demand generation strategy in itself). One of the key components is understanding customer pain points, something typically achieved by creating buyer personas and thoroughly researching the industry in question; this allows us to create highly personalised and targeted content and campaigns. Other components include inbound marketing, creating multiple touch points with potential buyers, and aligning sales and marketing.

What Problems Does Demand Generation Solve?

The key problem solved by demand generation is the issue of awareness – namely, the task of ensuring that potential buyers consider your company when they are looking for a solution to their problem. By creating an opportunity for potential buyers to research their pain points without being given a “hard sell”, companies who implement demand generation position themselves as thought leaders and encourage buyers to come to them when they are ready for a sales conversation.

How Does McRae&Co Do Demand Generation?

We have a number of ways in which we make demand generation work for us and our clients. Our focus on supporting email marketing and inbound marketing with reliable metrics and measurement means that campaign effectiveness can be judged on an ongoing basis, instead of retrospectively. If changes need to be made, they can be, and our campaigns don’t miss a beat.

A key element of our demand generation strategies is personalisation. It is crucial for pieces of content and emails to be targeted at buyers who will actually find value in them. The alternative is unfocused content and message releases that don’t interest most of their recipients.

Speaking of content, it’s important to note how central good content marketing is to demand generation at McRae&Co. After extensive work on personalisation and strategy, we build a content plan based on the strategy that works best for our clients. At a time when many marketers are producing large amounts of material with no clear strategy in place, it’s more important than ever to have a lean content engine supporting your demand generation initiative.

For more information on how we handle demand generation, contact us today or take a look at our blog.

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